VM2 Pulse Trainer Vibration Platform

$1,750.00 inc GST

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For home use we offer a machine with all the benefits of the Commercial version, but at a price and size to fit any home.
Each machine comes with a comprehensive work out manual to guide you in the most effective use of your machine, to assist in getting the results you want with in your our home.

The Pulse Trainer provides Dual Mode Training. It has a unique operating system, giving the user two options for the motion of the machine, which in turn provides a greater variety of training options.
Option 1: FLAT MODE produces a pure vertical movement. Giving the user a single line of linear motion.
Option 2: TILT MODE produces a pivoting movement. Giving an up and down motion, like a seesaw.

Strong stable frame. 50mm x 100mm upright tube Non-slip platform. height less than 14cm (5.5″)
Dual linear motors.
Provides adjustable Amplitude, Frequency, Dual Mode operation and very quiet operation.
Stabiliser leg.
Extends for excercises where the user’s body weight is not over the Foot Platform.
Full function console.
Refer to Console Operatiopn for details.
Full size handle bar.
A comfortable grip in any excercise position. Transportation wheels.
With soft non-marking tires and dual bearings in each wheel.
Runs beautifully smooth on any surface.
Accessory hooks.
For Upper Body Straps.
Adjustable feet.
Levels the machine to any floor.

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